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Have you seen @lorida ‘s beautiful mural in the shop yet?!? Today is the perfect day to swing by pick up some #campvibes and check it out! #polerstuff rules! #polerportland 413 SW 10th @polerstuff by polerportland
Happy Holidays!
Sr. Bulto


- “Well chaps, should we go to Paris or Lyon?”- “Paris, mais oui?”Vintage French Policemen conferring on the side of the highway. 


No. That’s well before the /6 series. Likely an r50, r60 or r69s.

I’d love to own this set up and tour around the west. I only have the Bultaco Matador, currently. 

Myself and the R90 at Glacier MTN National Park. 

MV Agusta 500, Front Earles suspension.